Chelsea Events
The pictures on these pages are thumbnails and each is linked to a full resolution photo that you can download to your computer. To do this place your cursor on the thumbnail and click. That should open the larger picture. Again place your cursor on the picture but this time click the right side of your mouse. A menu will appear. Click on "Save image  as". You will want to name the picture and decide where to store it. (Usually in your picture file.) You can then print the downloaded pictures or copy them to a memory stick or CD to take into your photo developer. A digital upload is another possibility. Most photo finishers have websites that allow you to upload your pictures directly from your computer to their  store. Then you can pick them up later. They will be happy to show you how to do this.

       Chelsea Springli


Italian Night 2013 St. Patrick's Day
Volunteer Appreciation Day  (photos) Volunteer Appreciation Day Slide Show
May Pub Night and Snooker Tournament Women's Snooker Tournament
The Jeffersons Concert
Golf Tournament
Oktoberfest 2013 Canada Day Celebration
Christmas Prelude Christmas Concert
New Year's Eve


Polar Bear Swim
Spring dinner
Easter Bonnets

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